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If time is of the essence and you need to have your digital prints quickly, Countryside Printing of Ramsey, MN has the perfect solution for you. A quality print job begins with high quality project files. We also offer delivery services if you need it!


Three easy solutions to get your files to us:

1. Send us your files as an email attachment to

2. Request a file upload name and password by sending a message to

3. Use dropbox for large files.

Why not send your files digitally and collect them?

Guidelines for submitting files to Countryside Printing:

Quark: Make sure to include all screen and printer fonts and support images: photos, logos, etc. Do not use the Style Command to create bold, italic, shadowed, or outlined text. Instead use exact fonts. Use the "Collect for Output" command to create the folder of files to send.


InDesign: Include all fonts, logos, and images. Use the "Package" command to create the folder of files to send.


Illustrator: Make sure all fonts are outlined. Do not mix CMYK and Pantone colors (unless you are intending to print a 5 and up color job). Send us the .ai or .eps file.


Photoshop: Include all layers and fonts used or rasterize the font layers, and send us the .psd file. In addition, create a duplicate flattened file in .tif format so we can see exactly which layers you want visible.


Resolution: For best results, all images should be at 300dpi. If your images are .jpg files, make sure we get the largest possible version and do not "color correct" them before sending.


Color: All artwork and photographs should be built using CMYK (4-color process). If pantone colors are used in your artwork, in addition to images, please convert them to CMYK.


PDF: If possible include a PDF file as a quality control guide for us to assure that your printing file is as you intended. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat please send a .jpg or .tif file. While we can use a "press quality" PDF to output your job, they are difficult to edit if changes need to be made.


Before Sending: Place all files into a folder and compress into a single file using Stuffit or Zip

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